How to Learn English Easily

Learning English is not as difficult as everyone claims it to be. And, here’s three – Yes, just three – easy tips on how to go about it.

  1. Don’t freak out!

English is the universal language, but it’s a language born from other languages – mostly different European and some Asian languages. You may find similarities with your language and English, so that may help you get comfortable with learning it. Many English words also are derived from other languages and usually mean the same as their origins: ‘anonymous’ comes from the Greek word ‘anōnumos’, ‘loot’ means and is spelled the same as in Hindi, ‘name’  comes from the German form ‘namen’, ‘cartoon’ comes from the Italians, ‘ketchup’ which originates from the Chinese word ‘Ke-stiap’, and many more.

  1. Take it slow

Don’t ever try to master English all at once. That would be information overload and not fun. The only way to learn and memorize something faster is to go slowly. Pace yourself. At first, you’ll feel a little frustrated that you’re going so slowly. When it becomes a routine, you’ll learn more and at a faster rate. You can read an English book every day or listen to English songs. You can also try watching an English movie. These are fun activities that can be routinely done to help you practice your English.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Yes, you’re doing everything you can to learn English. But, how do you know you’re actually making any progress? Practice. Try recording yourself as you speak or read aloud in English. As you play it back, you can check on where you have to improve. If that’s a little unsettling, you can try talking to a native-speaker of English. If you can’t find someone, you can always go online and book a class with a professional English teacher. offers affordable and flexible online English language courses through their mobile app. Their teachers would be your mentors in going about learning the English language easily.

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